Berkey’s Blueberries ... Certified Organic!

Welcome to Berkey’s Organic Blueberries, a family-owned farm located along the South Santiam River in Oregon’s beautiful Willamette Valley (click here for map). Our berries are very large with excellent flavor and are exceptional for baking, freezing, drying, or simply eating fresh!

Fresh or frozen, blueberries are a great treat all year long. Throw them into your breakfast cereal or oatmeal, pop them into your mouth like candy, or add them to smoothies, shakes, cobblers and pies! They are great in any food you would like to spice up with flavor and color.

Organic blueberries just taste better!

Blueberries are a shallow-rooted plant and readily absorb whatever is in the soil, so it has to be good soil! Our rich, fertile soil was formerly a cow pasture for 50 years. Organic farming leaves the soil in its natural state, keeps the river pure, attracts good bugs, and provides healthy, delicious, and nutritious berries!

Our natural soil amendments include sawdust & bark chips for mulch and weed control, and we use OMRI approved fertilizers and soil amendments from the current OMRI list. We hand weed and use overhead irrigation from the nearby Santiam River, one of the cleanest rivers in the Willamette Valley.  

Blueberry Syrup, Jam, and Dog Treats!

We now sell blueberry syrups, jams and even dog treats both at the farm and the markets. Try out some delicious new ways to enjoy Berkey’s Organic Blueberries this season!

When are the blueberries available?

The first part of July, the large Duke and Reka varieties will kick off our blueberry season. Reka are usually best for freezing and baking. Sweet, large Draper blueberries are ready mid-July. In late July, the Legacy, a medium-to-large blueberry, offers excellent flavor; it’s sweet and tastes like candy! The two-month growing season finishes off with the very large and firm Liberty blueberry ready for harvest at end of July through mid-August.

Bulk Order Wholesale Pricing!

We’re proud to offer wholesale pricing on large orders. Fill your freezer for delicious blueberries all year long!

We look forward to sharing our sweet passion with you this summer!

The Berkeys

Farm Stand is open Monday to Friday, 9 am - 5 pm,
Saturdays 9 am - 4 pm, Sundays closed

Please call ahead for large orders.

U-Pick: Call for Availability

Please call (541) 409-4558 or (541) 259-3727

We accept Farm Direct checks and WIC Fruit Vouchers!


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